Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans
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The official UZflow channel for Clash of Clans. Develop your strategy. Build your defenses. Attack your enemies. Conquer. Did somebody say Hog Rider?
Gingerbread Mayhem!
4 oy oldin
amirite 5 soat oldin
Who’s here after Townhall 14?
Shane Asta
Shane Asta 5 soat oldin
Shan Perera
Shan Perera 5 soat oldin
Coc, Don't promote Bad things (wudo or black magic)
VG 5 soat oldin
COC need to change a lot, they should think why everyone was using LaLo . When everyone is using same army, it means your game is not having any kind of variation at all
Mr. SWAG GAMERZ 5 soat oldin
YTY Is best
YTY Is best 5 soat oldin
Alifurkan Kovan
Alifurkan Kovan 5 soat oldin
Touwn hall 14
Patrick Taco
Patrick Taco 5 soat oldin
Giant skeleton
Jonalyn Bernas
Jonalyn Bernas 5 soat oldin
Why does the giant need to be buff hes all ready buff😂
امير اللامي
اكوو عرب بل تعليقات 🤣🤣
S.Anthony 5 soat oldin
Make valkyries hit points like Yeti , then see
احمد رحمان
احمد رحمان 6 soat oldin
Rock Melt
Rock Melt 6 soat oldin
Nilmoni Sutradhar
Nilmoni Sutradhar 6 soat oldin
Hey supercell will you make the sceneries allowed to be bought by the players with the gems and be introduced in the town hall 14 tour ?
Utkarsh Yadav
Utkarsh Yadav 6 soat oldin
Legends in 2021
omar Bkhaitan
omar Bkhaitan 6 soat oldin
Is at a refrence to paramount at 0:33 ???
Hot Amadeus
Hot Amadeus 6 soat oldin
Can't wait for town hall 34
AYE CHAN AYE CHAN 6 soat oldin
ayush sharma
ayush sharma 6 soat oldin
UZflow recommending this to me after 4 years😂🤣
Anshul Y
Anshul Y 6 soat oldin
Indian clasher op
Peter Wu
Peter Wu 6 soat oldin
me and my pets at 3 am
Varsha Kabra
Varsha Kabra 6 soat oldin
0:25 New level of air defense and wizard tower YEAH!!!!
Jerome John Eledia
Jerome John Eledia 6 soat oldin
Ghost Viper
Ghost Viper 6 soat oldin
0:52 since when do mini pekkas live in a clash village
Gihad Salina
Gihad Salina 6 soat oldin
বাংলাদেশ সময়
Arpit Verma
Arpit Verma 7 soat oldin
Who use electro regularly?
Shaivi Srivastava
Shaivi Srivastava 7 soat oldin
More like builder sucks
Maxance. F
Maxance. F 7 soat oldin
>They have stil the equipement tho
Shaivi Srivastava
Shaivi Srivastava 7 soat oldin
Imagine if clash of clans was 3D and looked like this That would be amazing
GarRusLan Gaming
GarRusLan Gaming 7 soat oldin
Me: *chilling and watching netflix Builders: 🔨🔨
Rd jakhar
Rd jakhar 7 soat oldin
I have also coc yt channel plz give me
dafna zhifah
dafna zhifah 7 soat oldin
TRILL FISH 7 soat oldin
Clash minis are so cute
Deivid 7 soat oldin
Clash heroes already looks awesome!!!
Mereseini Waibuta
Mereseini Waibuta 7 soat oldin
At first when the Valkyrie and the Miner joined up with the Bomber I thought they were gonna start a Cult
PRASANNA KUMAR .K 7 soat oldin
After the successful attacks, the hitpoints of remaining troops must be display
Max Micó Roch
Max Micó Roch 7 soat oldin
0:12 Straight facts
Sg Master
Sg Master 7 soat oldin
Free fire is best
I Simp For Park
I Simp For Park 7 soat oldin
Sheeeeeeeshhhh the hog rider is so HOGGG RIDERRRRR
YTY Is best
YTY Is best 7 soat oldin
6:42 when gravity is not constant
Kavitha v
Kavitha v 7 soat oldin
I just love the fact that the goblins says supercell at the beginning
ArthurPoop 123
ArthurPoop 123 7 soat oldin
Can't believe this has over 100 million views
Sourav 7 soat oldin
Congrats who watching now after 4 years and those will be summoned again after years
kesco gaming
kesco gaming 7 soat oldin
need more movies super cel
Talkative Warrior
Talkative Warrior 8 soat oldin
Awesome experience ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sokleng Thou
Sokleng Thou 8 soat oldin
Hello COC. If you can give us for change name in Clan Castle and only for leader can change. I hope next update. It will can change. 😊😊
Strange 8 soat oldin
April fools?
abcdefg 8 soat oldin
Bro I remember everyone was going crazy for this I can’t believe it’s been 3 years I don’t even play super cell games anyone dam great times
Shashi Kant Rai
Shashi Kant Rai 8 soat oldin
coc theme song is best
Kshitij clash Gamer
Kshitij clash Gamer 8 soat oldin
Rotna Rotna
Rotna Rotna 8 soat oldin
If those game comes there will clash games of supercell like clash of clans ,clash royale,clash quest,clash minis,clash hero’s.
Seraj Shaikh
Seraj Shaikh 8 soat oldin
Sir make new trops
Blerd Gaming
Blerd Gaming 8 soat oldin
Aye man that brock from BS? 😳
S P I D E Y 8 soat oldin
Please pirate queen buy in 1500 gems please
S P I D E Y 8 soat oldin
Can pirate queen 1500 gems please 😍
Ciaran Carroll
Ciaran Carroll 8 soat oldin
It’s fine I have four more builders 😂
Udzumaki 9 soat oldin
i see commet " The tale of Naruto Uzumaki" lol
Godi 9 soat oldin
Ору с чела с которым полетели в воздух
Nathaniel Safi
Nathaniel Safi 9 soat oldin
Villagers only clap their hands on nature and not builder made lol
Allan Channel 69
Allan Channel 69 9 soat oldin
join in my clan, MAMPAI MELAI
Salih Enes Atmaca
Salih Enes Atmaca 9 soat oldin
ixw lxi
ixw lxi 9 soat oldin
Good times
Frits Bolhuis
Frits Bolhuis 9 soat oldin
It's my birthday .🎉
Kamalesh R
Kamalesh R 9 soat oldin
Archer's voice is awesome
Aggelos Katsaros
Aggelos Katsaros 9 soat oldin
Fire King
Fire King 9 soat oldin
Hog Rrriiidddeeerrrrr!!!!
FERAS ALSHEHKH 9 soat oldin
نرجو من شركه كلاش اوف كلانس ان تزيل التمثال البربري نرجو هذا باسرع وقت ممكن وشكر لكم
Trickshot community
Trickshot community 9 soat oldin
Me: how did minions survive for 10 seconds ?
Saulo Arrepia
Saulo Arrepia 10 soat oldin
Wilfreda Tan
Wilfreda Tan 10 soat oldin
Trade gold for elixir!
kael bim
kael bim 10 soat oldin
Do you know what will happen when blue and red mix: purple 😂😂😂
Green One
Green One 10 soat oldin
مين عربي
Sasongko Bambang ツ
Mickie Valley
Mickie Valley 10 soat oldin
Beautiful just beautiful
Lloyd Lacson
Lloyd Lacson 10 soat oldin
The decks that people use in clash royale that are stuck in 4000 trophies be like:
DiegoxTobon75 10 soat oldin
Comentario 21k
Musics for Games
Musics for Games 10 soat oldin
0:15, a aldeã indo ao delírio kkkk
Ayesha hassan
Ayesha hassan 11 soat oldin
i was is 8 anversarry
Yaboiii Akash
Yaboiii Akash 11 soat oldin
Still can't belive that was 3 years ago lmao