Clash-A-Rama: Rocket's Red and Blue Glare (Clash of Clans) 

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A Village trades its P.E.K.K.A for Dark Elixir, while a Space Race has the Clash Royale Arena on edge. A donated Dragon and an Archer discover their true Village, and a Miner gets the ultimate chance to win a battle.

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From rage-­filled Barbarians with glorious mustaches to pyromaniac wizards, raise your own army and lead your clan to victory! Build your village to fend off raiders, battle against millions of players worldwide, and forge a powerful clan with others to destroy enemy clans.
PLEASE NOTE! Clash of Clans is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money
Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Clash of Clans.
A network connection is also required.
- Build your village into an unbeatable fortress
- Raise your own army of Barbarians, Archers, Hog Riders, Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters
- Battle with players worldwide and take their Trophies
- Join together with other players to form the ultimate Clan
- Fight against rival Clans in epic Clan Wars
- Build 18 unique units with multiple levels of upgrades
- Discover your favorite attacking army from countless combinations of troops, spells, Heroes and Clan reinforcements
- Defend your village with a multitude of Cannons, Towers, Mortars, Bombs, Traps and Walls
- Fight against the Goblin King in a campaign through the realm
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14-Sen, 2018



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le roi pekka
le roi pekka 20 soat oldin
John Arbuckle
John Arbuckle 2 kun oldin
Ep1k _
Ep1k _ 3 kun oldin
9:49: *what is life*
Monisothea Eang
Monisothea Eang 3 kun oldin
Maremi Chhakchhuak
Maremi Chhakchhuak 4 kun oldin
Clash of clans is my favourate game
Kshitij clash Gamer
Why clash have no modes
MOGAYT 5 kun oldin
The backround music is.. w e i r d
XxDrag_HuntxX •
XxDrag_HuntxX • 5 kun oldin
Anthony Moore
Anthony Moore 6 kun oldin
This made me think of the history of space race
IT Sailendra
IT Sailendra 7 kun oldin
Y did u stop these we need more
Codmobile Mobi
Codmobile Mobi 8 kun oldin
Which day hammer jam come back
Help us beat UnknownX
10:52 it sounds like the goblin is saying “are we about to go home?”
kyle style21
kyle style21 8 kun oldin
4:17 howcome the arrows turned into archer bow
toadb 100
toadb 100 9 kun oldin
Wait a sec.... Spongebob/Spyro voice's was there ??
The Grieving Pumpkin
They probably rushed town hall
Seki Services
Seki Services 10 kun oldin
Salute to p.e.k.k.a
Domination YT
Domination YT 10 kun oldin
Francisco Cristiano
Francisco Cristiano 10 kun oldin
Coitado dos servos
ANIME: HEART BEAT 10 kun oldin
Is that a Re Zero reference
aboli 11 kun oldin
Lyheng Gaming
Lyheng Gaming 11 kun oldin
Who is watching 2021, It is still funny😂
RaKsuz _
RaKsuz _ 12 kun oldin
0:45 "SHE" step on a mortar
Xpersivo. R
Xpersivo. R 12 kun oldin
8:01 Basically miner David is Subaru from Re:Zero the anime
Harivasan R
Harivasan R 12 kun oldin
Oh man, the miner was really enthusiastic, too bad the archer did not want him..
saran kumar
saran kumar 12 kun oldin
AQIL FARUZ 13 kun oldin
Pekka so big
Bionic 2.0
Bionic 2.0 13 kun oldin
Fun fact : goblins said supercell at intro
PlyYxl 13 kun oldin
10:14 who thinks that villager sounds like Jesse in brawl stars?
BDG 13 kun oldin
5:49 мем с пёсиком :)
Wolfoo cute
Wolfoo cute 14 kun oldin
LinM - Roblox
LinM - Roblox 14 kun oldin
I simp the archer
kubilusaurus2 15 kun oldin
10:12: plot twist: when the pekka fell it busted a latrine
Ignatius Livingston Student
Pekka 1: mortar hurty mu foot Everyone else: this is fine
Mark Lloyd Soriano
Mark Lloyd Soriano 15 kun oldin
I miss this videos
jeho sula
jeho sula 16 kun oldin
you su gud at throwing randoom stuf
Engineer Gaming
Engineer Gaming 17 kun oldin
This is cool
Guest 17 kun oldin
When is Clash A Rama coming back.
HanzTv 18 kun oldin
Debin Lu
Debin Lu 18 kun oldin
Lol 😂 no way lol. 5:51
GLEAMY GAMING 18 kun oldin
In this animation pekka found dark elixer In the game builder found the elixer
Mulberry Explorers
Mulberry Explorers 18 kun oldin
Does nobody get clanniballector is a reference to Hannibal lector
David Requena
David Requena 18 kun oldin
0:36 "has heroically offered HERself to trade" in other words, either pekka is a female, or she identifys as one. this is the most surprising gender reveal I´ve seen since metroid took off her helmet.
R.A.J.A 19 kun oldin
I like to sale it th 10 for 10000
R.A.J.A 19 kun oldin
Account name P.E.K.K.A
R.A.J.A 19 kun oldin
My clash of clans account name P.E.K.K.A
Philip Carroll 5
Philip Carroll 5 19 kun oldin
Oh my *gosh
RoniFernández 19 kun oldin
"We were donated"😂😂😂
Dayawansha Rathnayaka
SANTOSH ROY 20 kun oldin
Läb R4t
Läb R4t 20 kun oldin
I feel sorry for the pekka😢
Francis D Anguluan
Francis D Anguluan 20 kun oldin
New trop ballon pekka that fall to the sky
Frank Afton
Frank Afton 20 kun oldin
10:04 the villager is smiling... must be an imposter 10:07 can someone tell me what happened to the balloon basket
Diego Landa
Diego Landa 21 kun oldin
Live for God
FRANK WEST 21 kun oldin
I always upgrade my troops whenever I go into battle Also should I install clash royale?
Stephen Echenique
Stephen Echenique 21 kun oldin
Yusuf Ay
Yusuf Ay 21 kun oldin
Tahta a very good animation
fire brother gameing
اهلا انا عربي
bibhash neogy 34
bibhash neogy 34 23 kun oldin
I have TH11 max
bibhash neogy 34
bibhash neogy 34 23 kun oldin
I want to sell my clash of clan account
Eroz 23 kun oldin
6:59 inferno tesla
Asbuilt 001
Asbuilt 001 23 kun oldin
Wow the P.E.K.K.A is massive I guess it might make sense that she may be controlled by someone in there
Comic-Supercell Games •
What was the damn healer doing at the beginning lol why not heal PEKKA 2
Nik Erm
Nik Erm 24 kun oldin
Wait you cant donate more than 20 troops on town hall 7
Alma Atrizco
Alma Atrizco 24 kun oldin
1:37 get a skeleton
Little Green
Little Green 24 kun oldin
I miss these
Phantom 1715
Phantom 1715 25 kun oldin
And for Hammer Jam I only upgraded Defenses and now my Dark Elixir is overflowing 😂😂😂😂(It's true)
Naomi Galbraith
Naomi Galbraith 25 kun oldin
Can you guys make more episodes of clash a Rama it’s a cool series
YouTube Fanatic
YouTube Fanatic 25 kun oldin
Leopard 3402
Leopard 3402 25 kun oldin
So blue was America and red was the Soviet Union ?
sayze 25 kun oldin
Anmol Singh
Anmol Singh 26 kun oldin
Whenever I have a army getting ready, I watch this
Santoshi Acharya
Santoshi Acharya 26 kun oldin
Destroy that mortar
Determined Games
Determined Games 27 kun oldin
Definitely one of the weaker Clash-a-rama episodes. People pointing out the obvious, things that make absolutely no sense (things are allowed to be illogical in fictional things, but there is a line you can cross, especially when talking about a certain franchise such as the Clash world), bad jokes. I love almost all of the Clash--a-rama episodes, but this one is pretty mediocre in my opinion.
Mark Joseph F. Tria
Mark Joseph F. Tria 28 kun oldin
Smart Miner
CFong _Sports
CFong _Sports 28 kun oldin
Totally don't know that from another clash game 10:14
Egma Gutierrez
Egma Gutierrez 28 kun oldin
I love these
حسين العكيلي
حسن البصري
حسن البصري 29 kun oldin
ranty ira
ranty ira 29 kun oldin
Public don't you kilas
annamaria russo
The daffy hurricane substantively receive because dry totally notice till a few fierce baby. unusual, obsolete marimba
Emily Anderson
silnce of the clans
The Taco
The Taco Oy oldin
Anyone else realize that the miner took the wall breakers hand
Kia Xiong
Kia Xiong Oy oldin
The bowler is a scattershot, don't see a problem
Wolfe Playz
Wolfe Playz Oy oldin
Poor dragon
Dr. Doppio
Dr. Doppio Oy oldin
8:07. Pov diavolo from jojo
TerY 1s cool
TerY 1s cool Oy oldin
Geomentry Dash
When the a arrows shot and stopped it says canilll
Boadey Cleary
Boadey Cleary Oy oldin
Imagine losing your ability to walk to a simple mortar. Edit: maybe P.E.K.K.A 1 would be more useful if they actually removed that mortar from her foot.
Ninja Wolf Dragon playz
BTW love your anemotoin
hecc me
hecc me Oy oldin
Wow infinite deaths
Pretzel Oy oldin
Are we just going to ignore the fact that the dark prince just threw up in his own helmet and just wore it again like nothing happened?
Pretzel Oy oldin
Jaedon KLB
Jaedon KLB Oy oldin
I love how supercell finds a new way to spell out clash a rama every episode.
AJ Kurano
AJ Kurano Oy oldin
3:50 Anyone wondering how the troops land after we click the space? Well this part might be our answer and if it is, then we should have 3 balloon troops for free @suppercell I need answers.
AJ Kurano
AJ Kurano Oy oldin
1:55 Everything that is complicated - check Loosing the space race - check LOL!
MichaelGamer TV
2:53 clash Royale=Minecraft
Adrian Picazo
Adrian Picazo Oy oldin
That’s definitely pekka a girl the king said she on 9:50
Mahdi Aldahan
Mahdi Aldahan Oy oldin
Teigan Collins
2021 u r cool
Kristoff Monge
7:33 re zero Subarus power in a nutshell
Xd, clanninbal lector
Gabe King
Gabe King Oy oldin
10:14 wait..... something is wrong.... That voice.. .... Penny......is that you?
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